Defining Beauty

Do you know what beauty is?

On some days I choose to sit back like an understatement and question simple things.

Now the dictionary is a wonderful place, and people are rather more wonderful.

I don’t go by definitions of the word ‘beautiful.’

You can have a list when I ask you about beautiful things.
So I thought about people who value beauty in myriad forms.

For some of us, beauty might be in a face.
A face that can light up your day in a single glimpse.

For some of us, beauty might be in clothes.
One color can make you be remembered for quite a while.

For some of us, beauty might be in a voice.
Just one sound which you would never mind ringing in your ears for an infinity.

For some us, beauty might be in a picture.
A picture which the eyes can never give up on.

Have you ever decided to sit down, and find beauty in contradictions?

I find beauty in scars.
They tell me how strong you stood when people were falling.

I find beauty in being.
In just being yourself, everyday as the sun rises and falls.

I find beauty in silence.
Just because we all have moments, which talked about, leave us without words.

I find beauty in blank papers.
Just because a blank paper, can contain a thousand heartbreaks.

I don’t know if it’s awkward and neither do I ponder over my idea of beauty.

Broken bones and broken hearts hurt, but surviving with them makes all of us beautiful people.
Apocalypses die like storms, and leave behind beautiful rainbows which we sometimes fail to see.

I wish, that the next morning you wake up,
You walk up to your mirror, and smile.

Not for the world, not for the ones who hurt, not for the ones who healed.

Just for yourself.

You’ll realize the beauty you’ve missed.


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