How Dangerous is LOVE?

How dangerous is love?

Can you ever explain the jolt in the heart when you pass by a street, a place you have always been and dreamt of walking hands in hands with someone who rides some other place or street parallel?

How can mere songs bring all the illusions to life, right in front of your eyes where in reality you are travelling across miles?

How? Ever? can the day turn bright, without any events occurring that you wished you lived in the glowing light?

And, the feeling not kill you, but make you long for the dreams that will never be coming alive?

How can the fragrance of those flowers, take you back to life?

And, the things give you ache, and comfort at the same time?

How? How, can you not give up and keep longing for the unattainable, after living through your own lies?

There have been hundred and thousands of questions, asked and left unanswered, about the feelings and their existence. About the people and their priorities. About the trust which was killed and came back to life.

About the love, that never dies.

Maybe, love is supposed to be the questions, no one wants to answer, and yet who does, fails to let the other understand its meaning. Love, which is supposed to be the question, and somehow is itself is the answer to every question.

But, love and life never fails to surprise, with all its weird and crazy yet beautiful phases and beautiful phrases.


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