You encounter a lot in the life that is given for once. As never all that you feel, all that you talk, all that you wish could happen or you wish you could have stopped from happening are the tales, sometimes no one knows about.

They say it rightly, as everyone fights an unknown battle. And everyone is their own superhero.

Being a girl, and the only child, life has never come easy to me. But writing kept me growing and poured the potion of humanity and empathy in some means.

So, the blog here, talks about my personal thought and encounters with humans, pets, feelings, things, career, not choosing and to the most, LIFE.

Being an open book, is not everyone’s cup of tea, neither is mine.

So, jotting down all that i could and regretting what i could not, i invite you to be the part of the unheard and unseen encounters and feelings of an individual, and a human at the most.

The blog does not limit to any genre of articles and varies and is open to all.

All the dreamers and humans out there, keep loving everything around. And do all that you do with LOVE.