The Question

Questions, more or less are up to bother us and put us in situations unbearable and frustrating. Here are some, we usually come across either daily or at some point in life where situations makes us question ourselves.

​The question isn’t, how you held the blade, but why you held the blade. And moreover why did you cut with it.

The question isn’t, what makes you vulnerable, but why does it make you so, because being open and being vulnerable to something or someone is rare today.

The question isn’t, why you didn’t learn from the past experience, but why you refused to accept even after learning from it.

And the question isn’t, why you don’t trust people because you’re hurt, but what makes you trust others even after it being crumbled, trashed and broken.

We have day that we count until the ultimate truth of life, ‘Death’, welcomes us. We turn days to nights and nights to days, do we live freely in all those phases or does any of it makes us happy?

Do we let ourselves lose and listen to the sweet melodies of that bird singing, or are we too annoyed by the honking cars to even put our ears in the direction of such melodies.

They say poets and artists and writers are sunky.

I ask why? Why, because we don’t think practically enough to make ourselves inhuman.

Why? Because thoughts and empathy has piled us in?

Or, because we aren’t self centred or self driven by the goals of I, me and myself?
Or do we beautify every little thing, and that fact sores your throat?
We beautify pain, and heartbreaks, and sadness and love and war. 

Because, today, we are here to live. We are here to love and we are here to understand God’s own creation.

At times we fail, at times we can beautify everything but humans and, we fail.


The Essay at School

“One wanders into oblivion for a ray of hope, for a spark that lights the fire, for something that motivates you to live through the vicious race of survival”.

Ever since we were born, we were born with dreams, however as we grew up, a particular question was certainly asked at every phase of life – “What do you want to be when you grow up?” And the question paper always consisted of this topic in common, for an essay to be written on.

Everyone wants to be a doctor, an engineer, a pilot, an air hostess, a lawyer, a teacher, a politician and all those white collar jobs they can think of. If not take on job, then to be a successful entrepreneur instead. But with this constant race of survival, we forget being what we need to be the most, A Human Being.

We are so caught up with the dreams we wish to achieve in leading a healthy and wealthy lifestyle that we forget to be humans.

So, none including me would have ever written the essay on, I want to be a human, an empathetic, caring human. Why didn’t we write it? Because probably we were never taught so, no schools taught us how we could be a good human.

Don’t you think we have failed in being humans in the first place? Not all of us, but most of us? Yes, we have.

The world today is at constant war. We see countries fighting with other countries, dropping missiles and bombs and all the nuclear power that man has achieved so far, to show how great they are individually with out anyone else’s support. In the name of bringing peace and harmony and in the name of caring they drop the killer bombs on the kids and people who have completely no clue about what exactly has been going on. People fighting each other to be at the number one spot, friends fighting one another to excel, relatives each others out of jealousy and what not. Everyone out there, is fighting one another for some or the other reason.

We have failed at being humans, failed by not teaching that boy who works at our house and offices, the boy who is probably under 14, and not studying. Have you Ever thought either to pay for his school fees or to admit him to the nearest government school that provides free education for all?

Ever helped the lady next door who faces domestic violence every day and raise a voice against what is wrong? Or even give her courage that she can raise her own voice and fight for herself, not depending on anyone else? Rather people would be busy in gossiping about her sufferings. Ever thought of bringing the change we can, even if not in the whole world but at least the society around us that still needs to grow and develop every passing day?

Ever have the idea of bringing a little change in the life of the poor, the orphans or the widowed aged, struck your head?

We live in between the two parallel worlds, where one is self centered and do not wish to change but follow the norms that have been followed since the beginning of the time and the other that constantly wants to grow and bring all the possible changes it can to make their surroundings better and provide a better standard of living for all.

This country needs a change of mentality that believes in never changing at all. With just the technology update you do not update the human you are. How can you not see the guy lying on the roads bleeding to death and is need of a doctor? But there you are, busy watching him suffer, and eager to know what caused the accident, but not eager to save his life at the same time.

How can you not see that 4 year old begging and knocking the glass of a car on a cross road whereas the other 4 year old is playing with his dad’s cell phone? Why can you not raise your voice against the regular occurring crimes as rape and molesting cases and teach your child not to grow into being one of those culprits? Why is it so hard to be a little empathetic towards people and be a little human?

It is easy to sit at home, relax and gossip about how this country isn’t changing, when you know that the change starts with YOU.

If nothing else, just start with not accepting the wrongs that occurs right in front of your eyes and slowly the world will change. Like we were not taught in our childhood to be the primary form of our existence, don’t let the same happen with your kids and the next generations to follow. Teach them the difference between what is right and what is not, teach them not to accept the wrongs, teach them what consequences it can put them in to, teach them how to be a good human being. Say it out loud, that first, I want to be a HUMAN, human, and not a greedy, selfish, heartless, not giving any fucks sort of human.

It definitely would be the best thing ever when your kid would come up to you someday, showing his notebook and the essay, “I want to be a human when I grow up”.

How Dangerous is LOVE?

How dangerous is love?

Can you ever explain the jolt in the heart when you pass by a street, a place you have always been and dreamt of walking hands in hands with someone who rides some other place or street parallel?

How can mere songs bring all the illusions to life, right in front of your eyes where in reality you are travelling across miles?

How? Ever? can the day turn bright, without any events occurring that you wished you lived in the glowing light?

And, the feeling not kill you, but make you long for the dreams that will never be coming alive?

How can the fragrance of those flowers, take you back to life?

And, the things give you ache, and comfort at the same time?

How? How, can you not give up and keep longing for the unattainable, after living through your own lies?

There have been hundred and thousands of questions, asked and left unanswered, about the feelings and their existence. About the people and their priorities. About the trust which was killed and came back to life.

About the love, that never dies.

Maybe, love is supposed to be the questions, no one wants to answer, and yet who does, fails to let the other understand its meaning. Love, which is supposed to be the question, and somehow is itself is the answer to every question.

But, love and life never fails to surprise, with all its weird and crazy yet beautiful phases and beautiful phrases.

Defining Beauty

Do you know what beauty is?

On some days I choose to sit back like an understatement and question simple things.

Now the dictionary is a wonderful place, and people are rather more wonderful.

I don’t go by definitions of the word ‘beautiful.’

You can have a list when I ask you about beautiful things.
So I thought about people who value beauty in myriad forms.

For some of us, beauty might be in a face.
A face that can light up your day in a single glimpse.

For some of us, beauty might be in clothes.
One color can make you be remembered for quite a while.

For some of us, beauty might be in a voice.
Just one sound which you would never mind ringing in your ears for an infinity.

For some us, beauty might be in a picture.
A picture which the eyes can never give up on.

Have you ever decided to sit down, and find beauty in contradictions?

I find beauty in scars.
They tell me how strong you stood when people were falling.

I find beauty in being.
In just being yourself, everyday as the sun rises and falls.

I find beauty in silence.
Just because we all have moments, which talked about, leave us without words.

I find beauty in blank papers.
Just because a blank paper, can contain a thousand heartbreaks.

I don’t know if it’s awkward and neither do I ponder over my idea of beauty.

Broken bones and broken hearts hurt, but surviving with them makes all of us beautiful people.
Apocalypses die like storms, and leave behind beautiful rainbows which we sometimes fail to see.

I wish, that the next morning you wake up,
You walk up to your mirror, and smile.

Not for the world, not for the ones who hurt, not for the ones who healed.

Just for yourself.

You’ll realize the beauty you’ve missed.